Land Clearing & Tree Services in Bridgewater, NJ

Land Clearing Bridgewater NJ

Customized Design and Approach

Sometimes, the extent of your property isn’t completely useable. What could be beautiful and sprawling green lawns is inaccessible and unusable with heavy tree coverage and overgrown vegetation.

Professional Land Clearing

Land Clearing Bridgewater NJ

Land Clearing

While removing trees and vegetation will clear the land above the surface, it’s also important to clear the roots below. Our grubbing equipment will strip the land of roots and vegetation to prevent them from returning and disrupting your landscape.

Land Clearing Bridgewater NJ


For smaller jobs, we can grind down all of the materials that we clear from your land to make a mulch that, when spread across your property, will enrich the soil, making your land ready for whatever you wish to do with it.

Tree Removal Services

Tree Removal Bridgewater NJ


Dead or diseased trees can pose multiple threats to the surrounding area. Don’t wait until nature brings it down, choose PTB Landscape Management to safely remove unwanted trees. We’ll also grind down and remove stumps to improve the appearance of your landscape.

Tree Removal Bridgewater NJ


To keep your trees looking great and sunlight shining through, we offer pruning services that keep your trees and their branches in check, promoting lasting health.

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Land Clearing FAQs

Land clearing is often required for construction, landscaping, or to remove hazardous trees, overgrowth, or invasive species.